Writing my book update

The writing of my book got a little lost, for a couple reasons. One, I was just kind of writing and seeing where the characters took me. It worked for about 6000 words and then it quit working. I couldn’t “see” where they should go next. Two, I have been slamming through some degrees and that was hard. It is still a challenge, but not as hard as in the beginning. While I am working two classes a half semester at the masters level right now, I am not working 4 to 6 classes at the bachelor level. That makes this seem easier, or at least less time-consuming.

We traveled for a while and then we bought a house that needs some alterations. I love my house with its darkly purple doors so very much. I get very distracted in the remodel that we are doing a piece at a time. Next project gets me a tub, a boobs and knees tub! (Ladies, I know you know what I mean here!) I am very excited about the tub. In the meantime I do have a huge shower. I even have an office for doing the writing things and the university things. #blessed

I started learning how to plot via youtube. The one I am enthralled with these days for many reasons is Sarra at the Heartbreathings channel. She has a series on plotting your novel and she talks about planning. I have been flailing about at planning my days for almost as long as I have been trying to write some books. My success with both of those has been mediocre at best, simply because I did not realize that there were other ways to use a planner (or to write a book) than those I had seen thus far. For some strange reason plotting seemed really difficult.

*Pro tip- Plotting is no more difficult than trying to write a book. The trick is finding what works for you.

Writing is working much better now that I am plotting things out and it is giving my book a much better chance of being something people want to read. Planning has become a whole other thing that is actually fun. I use stickers now, with a wild abandon. Washi tape too. Did you know that o-rings are perfect for holding washi tape? They are! I am experimenting with different ways of using my planner beyond just writing down my schedule. I know many have been on the planner track for a long time, if you have tips or people I should be checking out, I would love to hear them! Comment below and share some links with me. I am very interested in finding ways to do things that really work for me and who knows, maybe what you share will help someone else.

Speaking of planning, it is time for me to get on the university work. Have a wondrous rest of the week!


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