Silence is siding with the oppressor

I have been watching the posts and comments of the people I know or follow over the past year-ish; roughly since the most recent election cycle began. Anyone that knows me, also knows that silence has not been part of my watching.

I lost a lot of friends, some family too.

There are a few holdouts, people I hope will realize that they have really fucked up. I am not holding my breath for it, but I am maintaining a tiny flame of hope. That flame is under siege every time they show their support of the large, orange, dictator at the helm of the current regime.

In light of the attempts of the neo-nazi’s to take Charlottesville hostage and the subsequent violence, and the many people in the various communities I am part of whom are denouncing the behavior of the antifascists; I want to ask people how they can possibly believe that the people being attacked are in the wrong? How do you believe that being antifascist is wrong?

Just to clarify:
  • Nazism is wrong.
  • Fascism is wrong.
  • Neo-nazism is wrong
  • White supremacy is wrong.
  • Racism is wrong.
  • Xenophobia is wrong.
  • Homophobia is wrong.
  • Sexism is wrong
  • The alt-right are neo-nazis.
  • Our current regime is in favor of all these things.
  • Protesting does help.
  • Educating helps.
  • Speaking out every single damn time you see shit happening helps.
  • I know I have missed some things here, please feel free to get in touch with me, I will add to the list.

Each and every person must do what they are capable of doing to fight the surrender of our country to this garbage hate that goes by so many names.

If you are silent, you are complicit. You are an accomplice when you don’t speak out in the face of these atrocious behaviors.


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