Fantasy book in progress


Wandering about traveling and all my daughters grown/moved out; I am pursuing the writing of a book I started over a year ago. I was distracted from it by family, cross country moving, and family problems.

Now that I am working on it, I am sharing it here. I have 2 chapters published as of right this minute, my book is living on wattpad for the moment. Click the picture of the cover if you would like to go check it out.


 Selena, daughter of the Moon

The book is a work of fiction, in the fantasy genre. Little magic, some romance, and a strong independent woman. Here is a little sneak preview, one of Selena’s love interests will be female. My character is bisexual, thus far. Perhaps later in the series we will find that gender doesn’t matter overmuch to her as far as mate potential goes?

No more secret sharing for now, go check out the first two chapters and maybe leave me a comment on what you think?

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