Family Traditions

I recently had my DNA heritage done.

It came back that my heritage is mostly Celtic, with a small amount of Native American and a bit of African. I passed this information on to my daughters, I don’t have a many traditions or much information to pass on to them about the origins of our family. The main tradition that has held in the family I grew up with is abuse, and I really don’t want to pass that on to them.

I got to thinking about this during my morning routine today. My sister and I  are building a new tradition of poking holes in the walls built between us by our mother and we are having to really pay attention to our own health histories for the sake of our daughters. Our mother and her mother both had hysterectomies before they ever made it to the age of menopause. On our father’s side, Grams says that she went through menopause in her 50’s. However, that is not entirely reliable as she is pretty deep in dementia. My father says she went through it in her 40’s, but he lies and so his word is not reliable either.

This leaves my sister and I watching our bodies, waiting to see what happens.

Just for a little more fun, our bodies are very different in health, shape, height… The upside of this is that our daughters will have two women’s experiences to look to in their family. I think my sister will probably try to retain her uterus as long as possible, along with her ovaries. I know I will. So, it is quite likely that our daughters will have the benefit of the history of 2 women’s menopause.

Both of us are working in our own ways to build better families than where we came from. The old axiom of “When I knew better I did better” very much applies here. She and I are doing our better in completely different ways, but they are working for each of us.

The traditions we are leaving for our children are building family ties, even when it is a lot of work. Knowing when to walk away from people who will do nothing but abuse you. We are leaving them with a health history, which is a lot more important than it would seem as a younger person.

And now, I must go get my assignments done. Bachelors’ degrees don’t earn themselves. Have a wonderful day!

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