has been a student of the herbs for about 20 years, and writing for longer than that. After being forced into marriage at 16 for the crime of falling pregnant, she worked hard to become better for the 3 daughters she birthed along the way. 

Rhiannon, drawn by Gala from a picture.


Works and accomplishments

Along the way she has earned an AA in Social Work and a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies, work on her MA begins mid-August of 2018. She has run a successful herb shop, published a book of herbal tea recipes and a book of the recipes she used with her children when they were little. Both can be found on Amazon. She has also created a coloring book for pagan herbal enthusiasts that will be available again in 2019 or earlier.


In these pages

You will find my blog, where I publish a great many things that cross my mind. My home page, the place I set announcements and such for those new to the site. I often have an offerings page, for whatever goodies I have crafted that are currently available. My books have their own page here. And of course, the about page you are visiting now, which I update periodically for new developments.


Last update: August 9, 2018

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