Winter Holidays

I love winter,

and by that same token, I adore the winter holidays. Bring on the chill, the snow, and hopefully some goodwill.

Because our country is in desperate need of more of all the above.

Reading guilt

By the end of this short, sweet November I will be finished with my last two classes for the semester and I am thrilled. I need the month vacation that I will have from my schooling. I need to read more books that I choose, because while I have learned so much, I do get tired of always reading what someone else has chosen. So much so that I have caught myself feeling like I am sneaking in a book that is just enjoyable. I honestly feel a little guilty to read that which is not assigned. I don’t want all my reading to be that way. But, I pile things on until I really did not have time very often to read anything that was not assigned.

Winter Holidays

The plan this December is to take the time to read things I enjoy, to knit and visit my favorite local knitting group, to do a bunch more Yule shopping for all my children. The whole month is going to be my holidays. I would love more than just about anything else to have all my daughters here with me, I miss them. We don’t get to see each other near enough. The plan is to write Christmas letters to the few people that I send cards. They get an eyeful of all the things from this year. Hopefully,  I will even finish my ugly, but very warm blanket. It is a ten stitch blanket that I have been putting all my random balls of wool in, I think it will be queen bed size when I finish them all.

Now, I have the last few assignments I must do. Have a wonderful week and study the origins of Thanksgiving. Why it is that the holiday is pretty awful in general and maybe it could be replaced, perhaps with Wolfenoot.






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