Reading gave me hope

Once upon a time it seemed that college of any sort was not going to be a thing in my life.

Reading wasn’t the problem, I have always read. Reading gave me hope and still does. Especially now, reading gives me hope. Back then, twenty plus years ago, I was a pregnant 16 year old girl in a forced and abusive marriage (Thanks Dad). I had not even finished high school. Now, here I am. I got my GED. I finished an AA in Social Work, even though there was a really long break in there of about 17 years.  This semester I will finish my BA in Women’s and Gender Studies. This one only took a little over a year.

Amazing what a person can do once the children are all grown and someone has your back.

Today and yesterday I spent time submitting applications to universities for the next step in my education, a masters degree. I have professors that are thrilled (well, sort of, it is a lot of work) to be recommending me. Despite, or perhaps in some ways because of, my background I am eventually going to earn a doctorate. Holy crap this is exciting.


gave me hope. I don’t think this would have been possible if I didn’t read so much. So moral of the story, read. Read all the things. Read to your children. Read to them until your voice breaks for the night and then do it again the next night. Until they don’t want you to read to them any more because they are reading on their own. Read to other people’s kids that you end up being around. Let people see you reading all the time. Let’s make reading go viral.

What are you reading right now?



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