Nearly there.

A beginning

Summer of 2017 I began pursuing a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies. This summer I will finish the degree and move into working on a masters, I am nearly there.

The journey

Finishing my degree so quickly has meant that I had to load up on courses, Spring 2018 semester was full. I took the max amount of courses allowed in a semester, and six courses is a lot. I knew it would be a lot of work, but wow. Also, word to the wise, maybe don’t take Spanish II in the midst of a jam packed semester unless you are very good at Spanish.

As I began at the university we (husband and I) were traveling. Wandering about, us and the dog and cat. That worked for a while. But then I really needed to be stationary in order to do my best in my classes.  So, home in the mountains. I love the mountains of North Carolina. I have a cute little house rented, lots of wildlife and good views.

The next leg in the journey

As I will graduate at the end of the summer, I have already made plans to pursue my masters. The university I chose is pretty excited about me attending. I am also narrowing my focus in order to get to where I want to be professionally.

I have more plans for the next part of the journey, but I want to keep those to myself for now. They involve personal things like where to live.

For now,

I have a trip to Wisconsin coming in the very near future to attend a graduation of one of my daughters. I am really looking forward to the visit.




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