Loss and a fresh start

Loss and a fresh start

For those of you that have been following me, you are likely aware that over the past week I inadvertently lost my website and lost all of the things I had set on it. About 6 years worth of blog posts gone to where ever it is data goes to die.

Perhaps some part of it is saved somewhere in the reaches of the internet. I am not going to dwell on it. Some of the herbal posts I made are in fact saved, because those are parts to a book I am working on. I will re-publish those.

Even though I lost a great deal of work in that destruction I gained a fresh start. My website is fresh and new, waiting to be filled with creations and posts and love. Because I do love the hell out of my website.

Tea spiral

It is an extension of me because I am the one that does all the work (or screwups as the case may be) on my website. I have all that I learned over the past few years to guide me in setting this site up. So not all is lost.


Speaking of loss…

This week, a dear family member is in Hospice giving his family time to say goodbye. He will be very missed. At this point, I think mostly we all just hope he will hang on long enough for his beloved granddaughter to arrive and say her goodbyes.

Beyond that, love you Poppa and may your transition be painless.

I am going to be spending time at Hospice daily to be with loved ones as he is watched over. The work of the website will be going slower than I would normally do something like this.

Family first though.

And they are family, for the last 20 years or so they have been part of mine and my immediate family’s lives. Blood is not often the best indicator of who your family will be.

Thankfully, Grams is calm this week. I can only hope it will last, at least until after the funeral. Perhaps even when she cannot recall in her mind, she feels the sorrow permeating the house. Or perhaps it is just a quiet week and I am overthinking things. 🙂








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