It is done

Finally. It is done.

I have completed all my classes to achieve a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies in 4 semesters.

done graduation cap

I feel so great about getting this done! It took me a long time to get around to it, but once I did I pushed right on through. Now, I have a little time for some projects currently going on and then I begin study for my masters. I plan to take that at a somewhat slower pace, but I suppose we will see.

My current projects are going to stay a secret for just a little bit longer, until everything is finished and ready to be revealed. I never realized just how difficult it is to not share something you are just over the moon about, but I know now!

 surprise done


sometime within the next month I can say it is done about this project as well. I am hoping that during my tiny school hiatus I will manage to get some more writing loaded up for the blog here. That depends on how busy the main project keeps me. I am going to be a presence here much more often, even if only short blurbs like this.


In the meantime, much love.


red dragon

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