International Women’s Day

Today is the day we celebrate women.

While in the Whitehouse our president works to strip away the rights of anyone not white, male, and preferably Christian. All over the news, social media, and such; bunches of propaganda working at selling women’s day and how great women are. Which will taper off this evening and by morning it will be back to “Those crazy bitches are at it still. We just celebrated them yesterday, what more do they want?”

Feminists however, will carry on. We will keep on sharing news about women’s rights that need to be fought for because they are being taken away. We will keep speaking. Writing. Being seen. Demanding equal rights for ALL.

Not just for one subset of humans, for all of us.

In other news..

I am slowly coming back from my retreat into myself to heal. My time where I was living became so very toxic, I just could not function properly. I had to leave there before I can leave Florida. I am finishing up a degree, so I need to stay long enough for that. Then, back to North Carolina. I am heartbroken still that I could not help my Grams, but it was not possible. I won’t explain here because it is very personal and shines a light on my family that they prefer left dark.

My writing here will still likely be sporadic.. or maybe this one will spark a flood of writing.


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