Finally Home

We are finally home.

Rhiannon and family have bought a home, and we are loving it! We have only just moved in last week, we spent the majority of the week and weekend moving in. We have a boatload of things to do to the house; painting, fencing for the puppies, and organizing all the things. Best of all we get to completely deck out offices for myself and the husband. And we are all finally home.


This is awesome.

We have a new puppy as well, his name is Wolfie, most days he is still a brat. He is only about 7 months old though, so no biggie. We are training him, and he does pretty well already. He is also adorable and sweet. He loves hugs. Wolfie was a pound puppy from the local shelter. He is my second pound puppy and I really love the good dogs they become, though they are more work initially.


that we are finally home, I am going to paint my door purple. As well as indulge my more goth tendencies. I now have a happy trio of skeletal gnomes living on my porch in the midst of my plants. This really makes me happy every time I look at it.



There are multiple flower beds that I plan to utilize in the spring and I have garlic cloves ready to be planted now, along with some daffy-dills. We will spend the fall and winter prepping the beds for all the plants that will live in them. Herbs galore and some purely decorative plants as well. I have a large window facing the beds, perfect for staring and contemplating what goes where.


I must be off now, I have some assignments due tonight and I need to get on them.




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