Dreams and such


This morning I had what is for me, a strange dream.

I was walking through a store, some sort of natural food store. I was searching for a particular herb for my husband and having problems finding it in any form. Then I started thinking that I haven’t been doing any classwork for a few days and I need to get on it before I fell behind. At this point in the dream I woke up, still thinking about classwork. Then I remembered, I am done for the next couple weeks.

Graduated even.

Grades come out in a couple days and I will send my final transcript to the university I am going to attend for my masters. I am quite excited. This has opened up possibilities for me that I never expected to have and I am grateful.


So, a few years ago a woman that was (I thought) my very best girl friend ditched me. She just cut me off completely, I believe the term now is ghosted. That hurt real bad and it took me a long time to get over it. But I got over it and moved on, I even got better.

In the way of life, spiral that it is, another woman friend from that same time period has begun avoiding me. We weren’t as close, but I considered her to be a longtime friend. And you know, this time I don’t mind. I feel the need to write about it, because of the lesson here.

The people that don’t want to be part of your life, they aren’t worth your time. Grieve if it hurts, but keep on working and getting better. You will find better friends. The spiral of life will keep moving and as Madea says, some people are only meant to be in your life for a season. There are leaves, these people are really not going to be in your life for very long. You can’t depend on them, they move with the wind and fall off as they please. Then there are the branches. Branches stick around for a time, multiple seasons even. Then suddenly as that, the branch falls and maybe takes out part of your roof while they are at it. Branch people are the same way, suddenly gone and maybe they messed up some part of your life as well. Last and most important are the roots. Root people are there for good, they are part of your life for good and they support you like you support them.

Root people are the ones we all need to treasure and aspire to being.

On to better things, right?

My happy dream things are moving forward and by the end of the month I should be able to tell all about it. I also got the news this morning that I have been accepted as a volunteer for a women’s literary organization. I am thrilled because that will give me great opportunity for growth and learning.

That is all for the moment, I have errands to run now that just won’t wait.



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