Classes and drafts unfinished..

I have been working this semester on six classes..

I had a thought to blog on and came here to my website to put my thoughts on paper, so to speak. And promptly noticed that I also attempted to do this during the spring semester that ended roughly two months ago. As I began to write above, I was working on six classes at the time.

It was kicking my butt. Do not recommend.


During this semester, my last semester at this university, I have only been working through five classes (only?), which has seemed easier. In part, I believe, because I split them up into two smaller sessions. So right now, I have a little under three weeks left in my last two classes. I am pretty excited about this because it did not seem possible once upon a twenty years ago.

Who would have thought a girl, forced into marriage at 16 for the crime of falling pregnant, and forced to drop out of high school twice would have made it far enough to be admitted into a Master’s program? That is where I am at right now. I graduate the end of this month and I am now registered for classes to pursue my masters degree.

I hope to write more here, but it may be a bit before I get back..

Or I may find the time to write loads. We will see where life takes this. I will be back to writing here, so please hit the follow button and get notified when I post new things. I do have some other exciting changes coming, and I cannot wait to share them with you all! Visit me on social media too! The links will be on here somewhere, I am working on them now.

Much love,


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