Big, big changes here in Goddess land.

The first big change is that I am done having a storefront.

It is not the direction I am moving in and kind of feels like I am dragging baggage behind me. I am letting go of that. I have gifted my supplies to an old friend, I think he will make great use of all of them.

My awesome daughters

The youngest of my fantastic daughters has come of age and moved in with a sister. I cannot properly express how much I love that two of my daughters are living together. My heart swells with seeing my daughters have the sister relationship that was I was denied.


I have finally finished my AA degree and I am pursuing a BA. FIU is my new college home. I am hoping to begin classes this summer. Thank you online learning!

The very best thing?

I am wandering about with my husband! Sweets still travels as part of his work and now I can travel with him. I left to wander with him on Monday, now we are in the Carolina’s and happy to be together. This is a big change from trying (and not doing so well) to stay put. I don’t know that he and I are entirely capable of staying put permanently. We seem to need the change of scenery.


I plan to spend more time writing as well. I have 3 or 4 books begun, that I want to finish. A sequel to my recipe book has been requested, so that may happen as well. Whatever happens, I will be publishing some more books over the next year. writing isn’t a huge change, but the amount of writing I am doing is going to be another big change.


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