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Happy December!


What a beautiful month December can be. Here in Florida I am missing the snow. In fact, I have some windows open right now to get more air flow. I think it is to be near 80 degrees today. Just feels wrong to me…

But such is life.

I am enjoying the breezes coming through the windows. Really clears the air in the house, gets rid of stale things.

Herbal creations

I am adding my creations to the site, as I have time. Christmas orders are coming in and leave me less time for squeezing in web work. I love getting to create my teas and get them shipped to happy customers. Just thrills me.

As the inspiration strikes I am expanding my Herbal coloring book. Creating new pages and thinking on redoing some of the current ones. The creativity is part of my self-care routine. Which I have made non-negotiable with myself. Self care is so very important even when it feels forced.

If there is a creation that I usually carry and is not up that you would like, please contact me. You can contact me via facebook, Rhiannon Goddess Medicine; or you can tweet me, or tumblr messages, or you can email rhiannon@goddess-medicine.com .


The writing I generally do here is coming out more in my journal right now. And I am just not at a point where I can share everything. Today is not that day. I will keep working at writing things that are shareable for here.

Life is taking me in a few directions right now. I am going with the flow as best I can to see where it leads.


I am offering a free three card tarot reading for anyone that signs up for my email list. You can find the sign up in the column to the left.

Now, I am off to get myself out the door to get these packages in the mail!





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