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There is a saying that we women just need to lean in to get this imaginary life that is touted as perfect. Leaning in, in that respect, is complete crap. We need to choose our goals and our timing at least as carefully as we do our outfit for the day or what we are going to eat or what bills we will pay this week.

Raising babies in-

This was what I chose for years and since it would fit in with my major choice I also worked on herbal remedies. Which was completely inspired by the needs of my daughters. I was good at it and some of it I still practice though I am no where near the level I was at when my girls needed it. There was very little room in my life then for anything else.

University in-

The past 3 years I have leaned in to university studies. All my daughters have achieved adulthood and I went back to college in 2017 before the last one had hit 18. This summer I will finish my masters and after that, I want to give that intensity a break. At certain points in my pursuit of knowledge I was taking 6 classes in a semester. This last semester is slow and luxurious with the taking of just 2 classes, one per mini-semester.

Writing in-

As I got toward the end of this journey I began looking at writing some of the books that have been floating in my head for years now. I have around 15,000 words written in a book in progress and I am piecing together the plot ideas for another series. Watching certain youtube authors (Heart Breathings and Jenna Moreci mostly) and I took up a subscription to Skillshare. Loving that! Visiting at my schedule and learning from people already doing the things. So this is me leaning in to the writing now.

Slowly for the moment as I finish my masters, but this is how I feel leaning in goes. We lean in to what our goals are and we move on to lean in to the next goal. We humans seem to believe we must do it all at once or we are the fail. I used to think that for sure. One step at a time, that is how it goes.

Our next big step is leaving this area we love to be closer to our daughter and her daughter. We hope to get things ready by the end of next year so that we can get ourselves up there. Indiana, get ready, I will be coming to live there once again. This time by choice and as an adult. Yay!


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